Pure, an application to quickly find a sexual partner around you. Pure dating App is an Anonymous online dating site to meet and flirt with singles near you.

Pure application is the simplest and fastest way to find a sexual partner around. Their idea is to go straight to the point. Here, we do not take the head because everyone is there for the same thing: sex and nothing but sex! We wait to see what the app will give once launched on the appstore, not sure that success is the appointment. The industry experience shows that the girls have little incentive to register “officially” on such sites …

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Find a partner on Pure Application:

Now, people looking for a sexual partner with whom to share a one-night stand can use the services of a new application called Pure. Only available in mobile version, especially for iPhone, this software allows users to find a sexual partner with a few clicks, and this discreetly. Created by Russian and Ukrainian entrepreneurs Alexander Kukhtenko and Roman Sidorenko, Pure was recently launched under the slogan “Sex is Pure! “Placing sexual encounters in a fun dimension. Interviewed by New York Magazine, the two entrepreneurs said their new application has become an effective way to meet as soon as possible their desires and sexual impulses by finding in no time an ideal partner.

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How To Use Pure Dating App?

To use Pure, it is first essential to download the application and install it on your iPhone. Once this first step, the user will only have to see the photos of other users and send their suggestions for meetings based solely on gender. A user will have to specify whether it is a man or woman looking for a man or a woman. Then, to facilitate exchanges between users, the person sending the request is required to clarify whether it can host partner or whether it is willing to move. She subsequently received requests from other members and may enter a meeting by clicking on “OK” or “Impossible”. Note that the Pure application is a paid service and uses the GPS system to find potential partners in the vicinity of the user.

Pure mobile dating on iPhone and Android:

A new app available on smartphones allows users to view pictures and with a single click, to propose a sexual encounter. Pure creators wanted to “find an easy way to kiss. “With this application, they promote gender-based meetings and offers to help its users to enter.

“Sex is Pure! “With this slogan, the new iPhone app has something to arouse curiosity. Pure is the new app that will make fury: “A safe and fast way to find sex now! “According to the website of the publisher of the program, explains that” it is natural for someone (…) to feel sexually attracted to a wide range of people. “The new application is therefore intended to” help. “A what? To quickly find a partner for one night. And the creation of this program is part of a simple observation of its creators, Roman and Alexander Sidorenko Kukhtenko: “We wanted to find an easy way to kiss,” they explain in “New York Magazine”. Simple, effective, but unromantic.

Pure dating site is simple and straightforward:

Finally, Pure wants to promote easy sex like buying a pizza or ordering a taxi. “When you mention just a desire to have a car, you get very quickly indicate Pure creators. We thought it would be cool to have something like that find a sexfriend. “Because, unlike dating sites where dialogue has minimal importance, this application is simple and straightforward: when a person appears on your mobile, simply click” OK “or” Impossible. “One way to explain to the person that you want to sleep with her or not. Out, then, seduction, communication and risk of rake. With Pure, sex has become a quick way to “decomplex sex.”

Pure: the Uber of dating

Pure is the solution for the impatient eternal, who want to meet here and now. It publishes the application within a specific place, which lasts the space of an hour. If another person shows interest, you always have the option to accept or deny viewing his profile.

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The Pure app will also straight to the point. No time for frills. We go as long as it is fuckable. Pure creates a meeting only if both are directly ready for sex. The service claims that erases all data after the transaction, but it requires a facial recognition (there is a contradiction fucking as it were) that removes the bad pranksters or those who do not go to the appointment to honor the lady.

debauchery of applications, some will say, but I prefer to use the term physical relationship, avoiding the maximum of intermediates and waste of time.

Find someone near you thanks to Geo-localization:

The vast majority of dating applications feature a function “geolocation” very effective. Since the launch of the application, potential partners are displayed on your screen. With Tinder for example, a left shift mean for your lack of interest and a right to try your luck. When two people reported mutual interest, mail to define the contours of the future relationship.